Best Racquetball Goggles To Protect Your Invaluable Eyes

I’ve always found beauty in racquetball that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

You find yourself in a confined room, panting and sweating at an intense pace, exhausted to your core, but still grinning from the deluge of euphoria it gives you. Only people who play it will truly understand this!

Racquetball leads to not only better physical health, but is also advantageous to your mental health!

However, have you wondered what safety equipment you’d require?

Well, don’t think too much because here we’ve gathered the best racquetball goggles you can find on the market.

Our Top 5 Picks

After a lengthy review period, over two dozen goggles, and one goal in mind, we’ve come up with the 5 best racquetball goggles you can use on the court!

These goggles are created specifically for professional racquetballers, which is what makes them suitable for extreme play. Made of lightweight but durable material, these goggles boast comfort and protection. It’s got a classic, clean design with rubber inlays. The lenses are resistant to fogging, scratches and provide distortion-free images. The HEAD Racquetball goggles are optimized to suit multiple playing conditions and environments with their UV protected lens and high functionality. It also comes with a useful lens cleaning kit, which just puts the cherry on the cake! A non-curved lens may provide a crisp view but will definitely distort it to the point where it’s noticeable. The curved glass will provide the perfect image due to its structure. It may be difficult to gauge depth but it can be adjusted by changing the angle of the lens.


  • Specially created for Racquetball providing excellent performance
  • Durable and resistant trio of lenses giving an anti-distortion view
  • Anti-slip fit to reduce distraction during play
  • Comes with a cover bag and lens cleaning kit


  • Higher price than competition
  • Can’t fit over prescription glasses
  • Curvature may slightly alter perception

These goggles are listed among the top best racquetball eyewear. This handy piece of gear not only has polycarbonate lenses that are resistant to scratches and fog, but are also ventilated to ensure anti-fogging. Made with shock-absorbent material and adjustable straps, they provide a secure and comfortable fit. They also come with a good quality lens cleaning kit! These goggles are perfect for professional racquetball games because of their high protection. Each piece is made with excellent material. The nosepiece is a good example with its high-grade material lined with rubber to absorb sweat. If treated without care, however, it might crack and break. This is unfortunate considering they boast their MIL-PRF 32432 impact standards.


  • Created for professional play
  • High-quality material
  • Adjustable and comfortable straps
  • Resistant lens with anti-fog treatment
  • Vented design allows air to flow
  • Available in a lot of colors


  • Replacement lenses unavailable
  • May crack if not used appropriately

These goggles are impressive with their sleek design and polycarbonate lens with UV-400 protection. They also have anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. They come as advertised, we didn’t notice any fogging, and they’ve been proving their worth over and over again with their quality and performance. Solid material resistant to ball impacts along with rubber nosepiece and sidearms. This makes for a pair of good fitting, high-quality goggles. A protective cover comes free with it. The design of these goggles may be simple, but these are effective for professional play and are high in quality. We did notice that the nosepiece came off more than once though, and you can’t buy more nosepieces as a replacement.


  • High-quality amber lens with UV-400 protection, anti-fog, and anti-scratch coating
  • Rubber material ensures a perfect fit
  • Protective cover for proper protection of the lens
  • Resistant to impact


  • High price factor
  • Not ventilated
  • No strap to secure it

These goggles are perfect for anyone looking for an affordable but high-quality pair. They have all the pieces of an expensive pair but at a more affordable price! They come with adjustable side arms allowing you to get the best fit for your head. They also have an adjustable strap for added comfort. We appreciated the little vent holes at the top of the lenses to enhance breathability. We liked how lightweight and comfortable they were on the face. These goggles are so durable, that they’d be just fine even among the toughest impacts. You won’t find a protective case equipped with these goggles, but the nylon bag tries to make up for this shortcoming. These are a great buy for beginners and with superb fit. An exceptional bargain regarding quality and price!


  • Lightweight material
  • High-quality lens
  • Airflow prevents fogging
  • Anti-slip material
  • Adjustable arms


  • Material may be slightly cheaper
  • No straps for security
  • Not UV-protected

NoCry Safety Glasses

The Best for No Fogging

NoCry Safety Glasses

These goggles are the best pair regarding ventilation and fogging! With their clear scratch-resistant and impact-resistant lens, these are perfect for any racquetball lover! Originally made with eye protection in mind, the glasses are more than capable of keeping your eyes safe from any direct threats. Their UV protection is also top-notch! It blocks from around 90 to 100% of incoming UV radiation. Although we’d give the best goggles for comfort to another product, we still believe this is one of the most comfortable safety eyewear we’ve tried so far. While it isn’t the cheapest pair, these are one of the best choices for anyone looking for decently-priced yet sturdy goggles! It’s a shame they don’t come equipped with a case.


  • Clear lens provides a crisp image
  • Lightweight but solid
  • Adjustable soft rubber earpieces and nose pad
  • Lens is anti-fog coated
  • Very comfortable after long sessions


  • Doesn’t come with a case
  • Scratch easier than competition
  • Can uncomfortably rub your ears

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Racquetball Goggles

Choosing the best racquetball goggles can be difficult with so many choices on the market. However, protection is a priority for a sport as rough as racquetball.

Eyewear is a must and impact-resistant eyewear is essential for maximum protection.

While choosing goggles, it’s extremely important to look over a few factors to ensure you buy the best pair.


The goggles must be treated with an anti-fog coating so that during play, the lens doesn’t get cloudy and distract you.

Adequate ventilation is something you want to look for. Proper airflow ensures that heat doesn’t smudge the lens.

While not essential, goggles with polycarbonate lenses with anti-distortions curvature create a clearer and crisper image. You can perceive depth properly in such glasses.

The colored lens does slightly alter your vision so it’s preferable that you buy clear lenses for a better view.

Finally, they must be impact and scratch-resistant so that the ball doesn’t harm your eyes or the lens.

Additional Features to Look For

Goggles that come with straps are always useful. Straps provide a secure fit so your goggles won’t slip.

Another thing to look out for is nose pieces. While rubber nose pieces and arms may sweeten the deal, plastic ones with straps work equally fine.

A lens cleaning kit or bag and a solid, protective case is an added bonus to keep your goggles safe and without smudges. A lot of the respective brands will offer a free hard case with their goggles.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to ensure that parts are replaceable for damaged lenses or broken straps or arms so that you don’t have to change goggles often.

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The Final Verdict

After reviewing our favorite racquetball goggles, we couldn’t help but admire the HEAD Racquetball Goggle. It’s an excellent choice in terms of durability, reliability, and sturdiness.

The HEAD Racquetball goggle protects the eyes from impacts and UV radiation. The lens is perfect using at any time of the day, whether that be playing in the daytime or the nighttime.

There’s no doubt that the special lens in these goggles is what lands it the best pick, but the material and safety features complement it perfectly!

The rubber strap on the goggles is a great addition so that your goggles don’t slip off during play. Finally, the lens cleaning kit and goggles case are just perks you get for paying such a price!

The Python Xtreme View Protective Racquetball Eyeguard is the next best option. They come with similar features but at an even lower price.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with any of our picks for the best racquetball goggles. So choose one, and get ready for some serious action!