Best Table Tennis Conversion Top To Play Anywhere

Table tennis is a fun way to sneak in some exercise for both adults and youngsters. They do, however, require a lot of space for the table and for players to move around. One solution is finding the best table tennis conversion top, which we’ll be reviewing today.

If you’re short on time, we recommend that you check out the GamePoint Table Tennis Conversion Top.

Here are our choices for the best table tennis conversion tops:

Best Table Tennis Conversion Tops

For our top pick, we have the table tennis conversion top from GamePoint. This is a standard sized table, measuring approximately 9 by 5 feet with a thickness of 0.625-inch. It arrives pre-assembled and only requires you to attach the net, suggesting it’s a practical option if you’re new to ping pong.

GamePoint states that it’s best suited for use on billiards tables that are at least 8 feet long. However, you can easily use it on regular or ice hockey tables, as long as they meet the length requirement. The conversion top features straps to attach it securely to your base.

What’s attractive about this option is the padding featured underneath it. It’s scuff and scratch-resistant, offering protective foam at the bottom to prevent damage to the table you’re placing it on.

Once you’re done with your game, the tabletop folds effortlessly into a compact storage package. To keep it secure, it includes double-locking mechanisms, which also allow for easy transport.

Before we move on, we’d just like to mention the look. GamePoint points out that the table consists of high-quality materials, covered with a ping pong blue.


  • Super stable.
  • Easy to fold and store away.
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  • Protective foam to avoid scratches.
  • Arrives pre-assembled.


  • Heavier than other options.

If you have a larger than standard pool table, then we suggest having a closer look at the conversion top from Butterfly. The top is according to regulation size, measuring 9 by 5 feet. However, it comes with a removable apron to cover a larger billiard table.

The conversion top is effortless to set up. It has two halves that you lay across your pool table and attach the net to. The surface offers excellent bounce, measuring 0.75 inches thick.

A great feature is the full foam underside. It covers the whole base, preventing scratches and chipping on your pool table. The foam also keeps the conversion top secure, minimizing sliding during your game.


  • Removable apron to cover large pool tables.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Thick surface, offering excellent bounce.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • The finish is poor quality and may scratch or leave marks.

For avid table tennis players who may want something a bit more “professional” looking, we have this option from Joola. For starters, Joola is an official sponsor for ping pong tournaments around the world, suggesting its conversion top is worth a look.

This option arrives almost pre-assembled and only requires you to set up the net by attaching a few screws. It’s regulation-sized, measuring 9 by 5 feet and is approximately 0.59 inches thick, offering a good surface for an optimal bounce.

It’s best suited to pool tables with a maximum length of 9 feet. Underneath the conversion top, Joola attached full EVA foam padding, minimizing chances of scratches and scuffs to your base. This may also prevent it from sliding around while you play.

Another noticeable feature is the custom net set. It’s designed to prevent scratches on the surface by sitting just above it. Also in the bundle is a net-tensioning system, enabling you to adjust it as needed.

When storing, you separate it into two pieces, which may be a bit time-consuming when it’s time to play again.


  • EVA foam padding to avoid scratches.
  • Net doesn’t touch the surface of the ping pong table.
  • Top stores easily.
  • Trusted manufacturer.


  • Heavier than other options.
  • Two pieces don’t connect well when the top is in use.

If you’re searching for something different from the conventional blue color, we recommend having a look at the conversion top from Martin Kilpatrick. This option is available in blue, grey, and green.

The tabletop comes in two halves that attach using the included Dovetail Connecting System, preventing sliding as you play. It’s straightforward to use and separate once your game is over.

The top itself measures 9 by 5 feet according to regulation size. It has a thickness of 0.75-inch, which is a little thicker, indicating an excellent bounce for a fast-paced game. Around the base of the conversion top are foam pads, working to protect your table. These also second as adhesives, keeping the top securely attached.

Included also is the net set, which is quick to attach. You slide it in place by the Dovetail Connecting System at the sides of the top.

Lastly, Martin Kilpatrick offers a three-year warranty.


  • Three colors to choose from.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Table connectors.
  • Extra thickness.


  • Doesn’t have full foam backing.

If you’re working with a budget, we suggest taking a closer look at this option from Lancaster. This is a quick and easy, foldable table tennis conversion top, suitable for any recreational player.

The conversion top measures 9 by 5 feet and has a thickness of 0.5-inch, offering ample bounce. You can use it on any piece of furniture, including a pool or kitchen table. It’s constructed from high-quality, particleboard, making it solid and sturdy.

The topper features panels of protective pads to prevent scuffs and scratches to your table. In addition to keeping your base safe, they also offer grip to keep it from sliding around while you play.

The topper sports a sleek black coat with silkscreen linings. Included in the bundle are also a net and posts, which are easy to slide into place and get playing.

When your game is finished, the table folds up and is ready for storage. Although it’s for indoor use, the manufacturer states that you can easily take it outside when the weather allows for it.


  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Sleek black finish.
  • Protective pads on the underside.
  • Effortless to fold up and transport.


  • It may sag in the middle and will require some support from underneath.
  • The net is quite flimsy.

For an option that’s light and easy to assemble, we suggest the conversion top from Rally and Roar. This is a special four-board design compatible with both air hockey, pool, and regular tables.

What makes it easy to assemble are the hinges connecting the different pieces. You simply lay it across your base and attach the net. The top is lightweight, weighing approximately 80 pounds. It’s also available as a two-piece design.

This option consists of professional-grade materials, providing fantastic durability. The playing surface is smooth and has a 0.5-inch thickness, suggesting optimal bounce. It’s another regulation-sized top, measuring 9 by 5 feet.

Underneath, you’ll see EVA foam padding panels that effectively protect your base as well as keeping the top secure. Both the net and fasteners are sturdy—they’re straightforward to slide into place and remove before storing.

Another great detail is the space-saving storage design. When folded, it measures 30 by 54 inches, making it easy to hide away under a bed or in a closet.


  • Durable materials.
  • Four-board design.
  • Steel hinges to keep boards together.
  • Easy to store.


  • Doesn’t have full foam backing.

MD Sports Table Tennis Top

Best Two-Piece Conversion Top

MD Sports Table Tennis Top

This conversion top from MD Sports is a two-piece item, capable of converting almost any table into a ping pong court. The topper provides you with a surface of 9 by 5 feet. And, with a thickness of 0.47 inches, you’re getting a decent bounce.

The two-piece topper is straightforward to set up. One feature that’s quite neat is the retractable net posts. This keeps the net organized and makes it effortless to set up as well as preventing it from slacking.

MD Sports used top-notch materials when constructing the topper. It’s capable of withstanding high-intensity, long-term play with a water-resistant finish—you could even bring it outside. Underneath it includes padding to protect both the conversion top and your base.


  • Retractable net set.
  • Straightforward two-piece design.
  • Water-resistant finish.
  • Protective padding.


  • Quite bulky to store.

How to Choose the Best Table Tennis Conversion Top

Here are some of the features you should consider when looking for the best table tennis conversion top.

1. Construction

Most conversion tops consist of MDF material, which stands for medium-density fiberboard—of this, there are varying qualities, determined by the density. A higher density indicates better quality; this means that it’s warp-resistant.

A good way to check this is by the weight. Higher density increases the weight, suggesting it’s the heavier tops that are better quality, like our examples from GamePoint and Joola.

Next, it’s sensible to check the locking mechanisms. Having two separate halves sliding apart with every move isn’t optimal. Ensure that they include sturdy locks, like the Ducktail Connecting System we saw with the Martin Kilpatrick top.

Lastly, check the quality of the paint. Quality conversion tops come with several layers of matt finish paint with silkscreen for the markings. Lower quality ones are likely to smudge and even discolor prematurely.

2. Net Posts Set Up

When it comes to net posts, most come with a custom-design that you mount on each side. A few have a slide system, enabling the posts to glide into place effortlessly. High-quality conversion tops usually include a tensioning system, allowing you to adjust it to your needs.

3. Surface Thickness

Surface thickness is one of the most crucial aspects to consider. This is what affects the bounce and spin of the ball. Thicker tops are better since they provide more spring, giving the ball more bounce.

Here’s an overview of the recommended thickness:

  • 16 millimeters (0.62 inches) to 19 millimeters (0.74 inches.) These indicate high-quality and are excellent for competitive practice.
  • 12 millimeters (0.47 inches) to 15 millimeters (0.59 inches.) Such are lightweight but deliver good bounce, which is suitable for recreational play.
  • 6 millimeters (0.23 inches) to 9 millimeters (0.35 inches.) These playing surfaces are lightweight but only provide an average bounce.

4. Storage

There’s no other way to put it—table tennis conversion tops are big. Large rectangular pieces, going up to eight or nine feet. How to store it depends on the manufacturer. You may be able to fold the conversion top or separate it into two pieces.

5. Surface Type

Before settling on a conversion top, consider what surface you’re placing it on. Fortunately, the topper can rest on any type of surface, as long as it supports 75 percent of it. If your base is smaller, it’s likely to topple, making it quite awkward to play on.

Most conversion tops are regulation size (9 by 5 feet), meaning that the base must be at least 7 by 4 feet. You may get away with 6 by 4 feet. Also, it shouldn’t be larger than 9 by 5 feet, unless it features an apron, like the one from Butterfly.

In conclusion: A ping pong table top can generally fit a pool table of up to 9 feet or a standard six-seat dining table.

6. Padding

Padding is a crucial feature to look for to protect the table underneath the topper. Although it differs between manufacturers, most utilize EVA foam.

Another thing to consider is how much padding there is. Low-end options generally only have two or four panels of cushioning, whereas high-end ones offer a full-padded underside.

7. Straps

Straps aren’t a standard. However, they’re good to look for. These are basically fasteners that you pull under your base to keep the top secure. The example today that includes such is the top from GamePoint.

Other Things to Consider

Before you settle, we have a few more considerations for you to ensure you get the best table tennis top for pool tables. These are:

  • If you’re playing for recreational purposes, it might be best to choose a lightweight conversion top. These can get heavy, some weighing well over 100 pounds, requiring at least two people to carry them.
  • Consider your budget—conversion tops aren’t always cheap, and sometimes, a regular table is less. Of course, there are inexpensive options, but those aren’t the best quality, which isn’t ideal if you’re a serious player.

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Final Thoughts

Conversion tops are a fantastic solution when you’re tight on space but still want some variety. The best table tennis conversion top of today is the GamePoint Table Tennis Conversion Top. It’s easy to set up and has an optimal thickness for a good bounce as well as featuring panels of padding.

Our runner up is the Butterfly Ping Pong Table for Billiard Table, which is suitable for larger tables thanks to the removable apron. In third place, the Joola Table Tennis Conversion Top—it’s a professional topper with an included net post and tensioning system.

When searching for a conversion top, ensure that the construction is durable—MDF is the best material to look for. Then check that it’s easy to set up and remember that a heavy top generally means higher-quality.