Fastest Serve in Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s a game that requires high levels of speed, agility, accuracy, and power. One shot that showcases all these skills is the serve. The faster a player serves, the less time their opponent has to react and get ready for the return. Therefore, having a strong serve can make or break a tennis match. In this article, we’ll explore some of the fastest recorded tennis serves by men and women players from all over the world. We’ll also look at some popular players known for their impressive serving skills and examine their techniques on how they generate so much power behind every shot. Whether you’re just starting out in tennis or are an experienced player looking to improve your serve technique inspired by elite players’ expert methods – this article will provide valuable insights into mastering one of tennis’s key components – developing an effective serve that wins games!

Fastest recorded tennis serves

The fastest recorded tennis serves are a wonder to behold. With the help of advanced technology and radar, players have been able to push their limits and set new records for serving speed. In the men’s category, Croatian player Ivo Karlovic holds the record for the fastest serve with 156 mph (251 km/h) during a Davis Cup match in 2011. On the other hand, American player Venus Williams holds the record in women’s category with an impressive serve at 130 mph (209 km/h) during a Wimbledon tournament in 2008.

But it’s not just about breaking records; many players strive to improve their serving skills and increase their speed on court. Tennis fans are always eager to know which players hold top rankings for their serves and how they compare to others. The average professional tennis serve is around 114-120 mph but some players can hit well above that range by using advanced techniques such as targeting specific spots on the court or incorporating more power into their swing.

For instance, Roger Federer has been known for his ability to win points through his consistent and precise service technique while also maintaining decent serving speeds throughout his career. Novak Djokovic is another champion whose pacey serves have surprised opponents time after time, reaching speeds up to 143 mph (230km/h).


When it comes to serving in tennis, the speed of the tennis ball is an important measure of a player’s skill. Men in particular are known for their powerful serves, with some reaching record-breaking speeds. The fastest serve on record belongs to John Isner who served a remarkable 157.2 mph during the 2016 Davis Cup. Ivo Karlovic follows closely behind him with his 156 mph serve during the 2011 Davis Cup.

Andy Roddick holds third place with his impressive 155-mph serve which he achieved during the 2004 Davis Cup. Milos Raonic takes fourth place with his recorded speed of 155 mph at the SAP Open in February, while Ryan Harrison closes out fifth place after serving at a speed of 154 mph at Western & Southern Open in August 2013.

It’s worth noting that these players are exceptional and their records remain unbeaten to this day. Nevertheless, many modern male tennis players continue to break new ground through advanced techniques and strategies used when serving on court.


As a tennis enthusiast, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the sheer power of modern women’s serves. These ladies are breaking their own records and creating entirely new ones with every serve.

Take Serena Williams for example – a legend in her own right who can hit the ball incredibly hard. In fact, during the 2013 Australian Open, she set an impressive record when she served at 128.6 mph (207.0 km/h)! That’s lightning-fast.

But did you know that Venus Williams actually holds the record for the fastest serve by a woman in a main draw event at Wimbledon? Back in 2008, she served at an incredible 129 mph (208 km/h), leaving her opponents reeling.

And it’s not just these two sisters who have made history with their powerful serves. Julia Görges from Germany has clocked in at 122 mph (196 km/h), while Kristyna Pliskova – from the Czech Republic – managed to reach an astounding speed of 125.2 mph (201.7 km/h). Sabine Lisicki from Germany is also worthy of mention; her top recorded service speed is over the magical number of 131 mph (211 km/h).

It takes years of practice and dedication to learn how to produce such powerful serves, and many female players use different techniques to achieve this goal. From proper body positioning and weight transfer to racquet head acceleration, there’s always something new to learn about this fascinating sport!

Top 5 Fastest Recorded Serves of All Time

I’ve always been in awe of tennis players who can serve at incredible speeds and break records. It’s truly amazing to witness the power that some of these players have. I wanted to share with you the top 5 fastest recorded serves of all time:

First, there’s John Isner, an American player known for his right-handed serve. He broke the record for the fastest ever recorded serve in a competition during the 2016 Davis Cup when he hit one at an unbelievable speed of 157.2 mph (253 km/h).

Next up is Ivo Karlovic from Croatia, who is one of the tallest tennis players in history at 6’11”. He served a jaw-dropping 156 mph (251 km/h) during a match against Germany in the Davis Cup.

Andy Roddick, a former World No.1 and legendary player, takes third place on our list. In early ’04 while playing Thailand, he hit a ball at exactly 155 miles per hour which translates to around 249 kilometers per hour.

Milos Raonic caught everyone’s attention during his service game against Sam Querrey in San Francisco back in 2012 when he managed to hit a world-record serve clocked at over 154 miles per hour (250 km/hour).

Lastly, we have Ryan Harrison unexpectedly entering this list with his incredible performance at the Western & Southern Open in 2013 – where he served up trouble for Nadal himself by hitting an eye-watering server that was clocked at little under 154mph.

It’s amazing how these five players have inspired new generations to push boundaries and break previously unattainable records – proving that they are not only some of the best servers now but throughout history as well!

John Isner – 2016 Davis Cup

In 2016, John Isner set the world record for the fastest tennis serve. During a Davis Cup quarter-final match against Bernard Tomic of Australia, John Isner hit an incredible serve which reached a speed of 157.2 miles per hour.

This feat broke the previous men’s record of 155 mph, held by Ivo Karlovic since 2011. Notably, Isner’s record-breaking serve was struck on clay instead of a faster surface like grass or hard court.

According to Tennis. com, John Isner has consistently ranked among the top servers in ATP rankings. His height gives him an advantage when it comes to generating power behind his serves; however, he combines that with strong technique and reliable control. Additionally, many players find it difficult to read Isner’s serves due to his unconventional delivery style.

Isner remains one of the top servers in men’s professional tennis and is known for possessing accurately placed and incredibly fast serves throughout his matches.

Ivo Karlovic – 2011 Davis Cup

Have you ever heard of Ivo Karlovic? He’s an ex-Croatian tennis superstar and the fastest serve king in professional tennis history. Karlovic’s dazzling serve came at a speed of a mind-blowing **251 km/h (156 mph) ** during his match against Germany at the 2011 Davis Cup, breaking the previous record held by Andy Roddick. Now here’s where it gets impressive – Karlovic was already 32 years old when he broke this record.

Karlovic is famous for his powerful serve, which has consistently placed him among the top 10 servers on the ATP Tour throughout his career. His towering height of 6ft11inches puts him at an added advantage as he can generate more power with a higher point of contact during serves. Many times, he’s won matches through pure serving ability.

But let’s not forget that while having such fast serves may seem like a guaranteed win, players like Karlovic need to put in just as much hard work on other aspects of their game since winning matches at competitive levels requires more than just a good serve.

It’s almost unbelievable to think that despite how close some players have come to surpassing Ivo’s record; no one has achieved it yet! The closest any other male tennis player approached was Sam Groth when he served at 263kmph (163mph) during Busan Open Challenger Tennis Tournament in 2012 ranking him second behind Karlovic.

Andy Roddick – 2004 Davis Cup

Andy Roddick broke the record for the fastest serve in tennis during a 2004 Davis Cup match against Vladimir Voltchkov. The American professional tennis player’s serve was recorded at an incredible speed of 155 mph (249.4 km/h) , and it remained the world record for eight years until Ivo Karlovic broke it in 2012.

Roddick was known for his powerful serve, which he used to set up easy points and put pressure on his opponents. He worked hard on developing top-notch serving techniques that allowed him to hit such high speeds consistently. One of his signature moves was to jump into the air as he served, which gave him extra power and momentum.

During his career, Roddick held the record for having one of the fastest serves ever in multiple tournaments. His impressive stats include holding an average first-serve percentage of 58% and winning a total of 6107 points through aces – more than any other player except Goran Ivanišević.

Roddick is recognized as one of the best servers in tennis history because not only is he incredibly fast but also very accurate with placement too.

Milos Raonic – 2012 SAP Open

Milos Raonic is a Canadian tennis player known for his powerful serve. He is considered one of the hardest-serving players in the modern game and holds many records for his impressive serves. At the 2012 SAP Open, Raonic achieved a serve speed of 155 mph (249.5 km/h), which stands as one of the fastest recorded serves in tennis history.

Raonic’s fast serve is made possible by his excellent technique and physical attributes, including his height of 6’5″. He uses his athletic build to generate significant power and force behind the ball, making it difficult for opponents to return. This ability has helped him become an accomplished player with several titles under his belt.

Outside of Raonic’s record-breaking serve at the 2012 SAP Open, he has consistently been ranked among the top ten servers on tour throughout much of his career. As a fan favorite due to his exciting play style and incredible skill set, you can expect to see more from this talented player in future tennis tournaments.

Ryan Harrison – 2013 Western & Southern Open

In the 2013 Western & Southern Open, Ryan Harrison hit a serve that was recorded as the fifth-fastest serve of all time. Harrison’s impressive serve speed reached an amazing 147 mph. It is not surprising that professional tennis players train extensively to master tennis serving techniques that allow them to achieve their top speeds and power on serves. A fast and well-placed first serve is key to winning games at all levels of tennis, from amateur club matches to world championship tournaments.

Tennis fans often question who holds the record for the fastest tennis serve and who are among the players with top tennis serve speed in history. Every year, players break records against each other with their powerful serves. Players such as John Isner, Ivo Karlovic, Andy Roddick and Milos Raonic currently hold some of those records by hitting serves between 155 and 163 mph. While these speeds might be hard for amateurs even to fathom, they frequently go up against players who exceed them regularly in ATP sanctioned tournaments around the world.

However, achieving a speedy first-serve isn’t just about physical ability but also mental strength making it necessary for coaches to find ways such as using technology like tennis machine d’entrainement with radar guns attached so a player can have instant feedback after every session or match allowing them to correct errors easily improving upon their explosive power over time.

Fastest Tennis Serves From Popular Players

As a tennis fan, I’m always in awe of the players who can serve at blistering speeds. Not only do they have impeccable form and technique, but their speed leaves opponents scrambling to keep up. Let’s take a closer look at some popular players who boast impressive serve speeds.

Roger Federer: We all know Federer for his sharp game on court, but did you know that he also has an impressive serve? In fact, his fastest recorded serve was clocked at 148 mph during the 2014 Davis Cup.

Rafael Nadal: Nadal may be famous for his forehand shots, but don’t underestimate his serves! During a match against Gael Monfils in 2010, he struck a rocket at 135 mph—definitely something to fear.

Novak Djokovic: While not necessarily known for having the fastest serve on tour, Djokovic still packs quite the punch. His highest ever speed was recorded in 2011 with a delivery that reached an impressive 140 mph.

Andy Murray: In a match against John Isner back in 2016, Murray hit an unbelievable ace at an incredible speed of 146mph—that’s faster than some cars!

Nick Kyrgios: Fans consider Kyrgios one of the best contemporary servers due to boasts such as sending down extreme serves that travel almost horizontally and range between up to220 km/h (around136 mp/h)!!

Dominic Thiem: Austrian superstar Dominic Thiem recently blasted Aritz Bordaverry off the courts during this year’s Davis Cup tie by booking service clocking75 %. He even managed to break Andy Roddick’s joint record with one after another more than impressive extremely strong serve.

Serena Williams: Speaking of legendary servers—how could we not mention Serena Williams? Her powerful shots make her one of the hardest players to ace in tennis history. While she hasn’t hit the same speeds as some of the men, she currently holds twenty of the fastest female serve records ranging from 125 mph –129 mph.

Naomi Osaka: Although she’s known for her all-round game skills on court, Osaka is also a heavy favorite in Tokyo Olympics powering up aces at gusty60 -90mph alongside attacking second serves creating impeccable pressure on opponents ensuring that she keeps away the pressure and secures easy points.

Maria Sharapova: Oops! It seems we’ve run out of space to talk about Maria—stay tuned

Roger Federer

As a dedicated fan of tennis, I can’t help but admire the incredible talent of Roger Federer. This Swiss athlete has blown minds worldwide with his feats in men’s singles tennis, earning him an astonishing record for 310 weeks as world No. 1, according to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Talk about persevering!

What amazes me most about Federer is not just his all-around game but also his strikingly consistent and accurate serve. Can you imagine serving at a dizzying speed of 157 MPH? It comes as no surprise that he ranks among the top-serving players in tennis history. What makes him truly stand out is how he hits every spot on the service box with surgical precision, confounding opponents who cannot predict where his serves will land.

As a testament to Federer’s mastery, he employs different techniques when delivering his serves. One technique that wows fans everywhere is called slice-serving. By hitting the ball with backspin and making it curve away from an opponent after landing on their side of the court, Federer continues to confound even highly skilled rivals like Nadal and Djokovic! He also uses flat-serves – straight without spin yet moving at high speeds.

It goes without saying that Roger Federer remains one of today’s best players when it comes to serving in modern-day tennis – with exceptional skills and consistency impossible not to admire!

Rafael Nadal

To be frank, Rafael Nadal is more than just a tennis champ. He’s an inspiration for many by regularly delivering mind-boggling shots that leave his opponents in awe. His serve alone is a testimony of his exceptional prowess on the court.

Picture this: Unlike most players who believe in a fast and furious serve, Mr. Nadal prefers to ease things into gear at an average speed of 110 mph, but that’s not what sets him apart. What makes him unique is his ability to emplace the ball precisely, overflowing with incredible spins that add some extra zing – thanks to his mastery with topspin technique.

What’s even more interesting is how he crafts his service motion by employing an unusual grip change at the last moment before hitting the ball-It sounds insane but trust us-it works! This element allows him to use heavy topspin so the ball comes down much quicker than any other player around; making it tough for anyone hoping to return it efficiently.

But wait, there’s more! With utmost dedication towards keeping up with top-notch fitness levels all year round, Rafael doesn’t put off footwork while serving either; instead of going big with jumping high for momentum as most do, he takes small steps ensuring excellent footwork and balance throughout.

In conclusion, it would be safe to say that Rafael Nadal has mastered accuracy and consistency like no other player can match – Put simply-Rafa means business when he serves! No wonder he is one tough cookie to beat among all other elements of his game since everyone knows any mistake could prove disastrous against this talent who gives every single shot their hundred percent.

Novak Djokovic

I am in awe of Novak Djokovic’s legendary tennis career. He is a recognized ace, holding an impressive number of Grand Slam titles backed up with his electrifying agility and speed on the court. His return serves and self-hit are exceptional feats that baffle the best of players.

Djokovic’s serve technique, precision, and efficiency leave nothing to be desired. During games, he delivers magnificent power by taking advantage of his potent backswing and explosive leg drive before making contact with the ball. What sets him apart is that he combines this style with great accuracy brought about by keeping his muscles loose while still making adjustments if necessary.

While he may not be the fastest server in town like John Isner or Ivo Karlovic, Djokovic maintains control by using winning techniques instead of relying solely on an ace-heavy game plan – a commendable trait to behold in any player.

It’s no wonder why he has earned recognition as one of the most formidable tennis players globally – indeed, a true embodiment of excellence!

Andy Murray

Andy Murray’s serving technique is one to behold, and it comes as no surprise that he boasts an impressive serve speed. The Briton has consistently been ranked in the top 20 tennis player rankings over the years, with his fastest tennis serve mph recorded at a blistering 149mph.

Murray employs a combination of techniques to power up his serve, including the popular pinpoint stance where his leading foot points towards the sideline. He also uses rotation of his upper body on tossing with good hip mobility which adds strength to his shots.

As part of his training regimen, Murray focuses significantly on enhancing ball speed. This includes specific drills such as using resistance bands for enhanced power and refining contact for efficiency.

In terms of professional tennis serve speed records, Andy Murray isn’t too far off from being among the all-time greats. His personal best places him amongst some of the big-serving legends in modern times.

Note: Speeds are valid as per 2021.

Nick Kyrgios

I’m a huge fan of Nick Kyrgios, the Australian tennis sensation with a fiery temper and powerful court presence. Standing tall at 6ft 4in, his serves are simply out of this world! In fact, he holds the all-time record for the fastest serve in men’s singles at an incredible 141mph, which he achieved during the ATP Challenger Tour in Aptos, California back in 2015.

But what sets Nick apart from other players is his ability to use different techniques when serving – often throwing opponents off guard with sudden variations in placement and power. He has a first-serve success rate that averages around 70% too!

In addition to being a force to reckon with on the court, Nick’s also known for his charitable nature off it. He frequently takes part fundraising activities aimed towards battling hunger or cancer research.

Nick Kyrgios’ combination of brilliant technique and raw power is simply awe-inspiring – making him one of the most thrilling players to watch on today’s professional circuit.

Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem, known for his powerful strokes and aggressive playstyle, has a serve that is highly respected in the professional tennis circuit. Although he may not have the fastest serve in men’s tennis, his average first serve speed of 122 mph (197 kph) puts him within the top 10 fastest servers on tour.

One of Thiem’s most effective serving techniques is his kick serve, which allows him to generate more spin and bounce on the ball. This can make it difficult for opponents to return the ball with accuracy. Additionally, Thiem has been working on increasing his serving speed by incorporating more leg drive into his motion.

Thiem achieved his personal best at the 2020 US Open where he recorded a maximum-serving speed of 140 mph (225 kph). He also won over 75% of points when landing in his first serve throughout this tournament. His impressive serves played a significant role in helping him reach the final before ultimately losing to Alexander Zverev.

Overall, Dominic Thiem’s consistency and power in serving are major contributors to making him one of the top players on tour.

Serena Williams

I gotta say, Serena Williams is an absolute beast on the tennis court. She’s got some insane records under her belt that really show off her powerful and consistent serve. I mean, have you seen this woman in action?

According to the good folks over at the WTA, Serena’s fastest recorded serve was a mind-boggling 128.6 mph during a match at the 2013 Australian Open. And get this, that didn’t even capture her highest recorded speed! That’s just how insanely impressive she is.

But it’s not all natural talent for Serena. She puts in a ton of work on her technique and training regimen, with strength and conditioning exercises to help boost her already ridiculous power output.

And all of that effort has paid off big time – Serena has eight US Open singles titles, seven Wimbledon singles titles, and six career Australian Opens to her name. Like seriously, can anyone even come close to touching those stats?!

At the end of the day though, it’s really all about Serena’s serves. Year after year she consistently lands shots near or above speeds of 120 mph on average, making it next to impossible for opponents to return them accurately – giving her an undeniable edge out there on the court.

All I can do is sit back and marvel at this tennis legend – talk about pure greatness right there!

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka, known for her powerful baseline game, also has a formidable serve. Currently ranked No. 2 in the world, Osaka’s fastest recorded serve was clocked at 125 mph (201 km/h) during the 2020 US Open. Her aggressive serving style not only allows her to hit a high number of aces but also puts pressure on her opponents.

Osaka’s technique involves using her height and full extension to generate maximum power and accuracy in her serves. She uses both flat and kick serves effectively, changing up the placement and speed to keep her opponents guessing.

In addition to her impressive speed, Osaka’s consistency is equally impressive; she ranks among the top WTA players with an average first-serve percentage of over 60%. This makes it difficult for opponents to get a foothold on their return games and keeps pressure on them throughout the match.

Overall, while Naomi Osaka’s tennis game is defined by more than just her serve, its speed and precision play an important role in helping her achieve success at the highest levels of professional tennis.

Maria Sharapova

As a devout tennis aficionado, I am continuously in awe of Maria Sharapova’s explosive and dependable serve. This powerful characteristic is what has kept her at the top of the female tennis totem pole for years. Believe it or not, she even broke records with her fastest serve at an astounding 131 mph (211 km/h) during a match against Kristina Barrois at the 2012 French Open, securing her place as the fourth-fastest woman server on record.

It goes without saying that Sharapova’s serving style is unique and awe-inspiring. Her graceful movements translate to swift yet well-controlled ball placements that are hard to miss. Sought-after tennis gurus assert that her legendary strength alongside quickness allows for volley compensations around the court’s weaknesses.

Sharapova’s proficiency in consistently ranking among WTA tour leaders in serving speed doesn’t come from luck; it comes from trained determination regarding optimal strategy while balancing precision and agility. As proof of her dedication and fervor in improving this skillset, Sharapova has received numerous awards both internationally renowned institutions worldwide.

I have no doubt that Sharapova will always be seen as a trailblazing inspiration who paved a path for upcoming young talent within professional tennis beyond the realm of gender divides.