Best Tennis Stringing Machine To Keep Your Racquet Performance at Its best

Tennis can be considered a minimalistic sport with very little needed in terms of equipment other than a quality racquet. This tool, however, becomes the lifeblood of any tennis player, and maintaining the racquet becomes a top priority.

Regular practice with a partner or a tennis ball machine causes tennis strings to lose tension. If you’re the type of player who doesn’t want to rely on other people to sustain the quality of your racquet and strings, then you’re probably in the market for the best tennis stringing machine.

We’ve conducted a thorough search and determined that the Gamma (X-2) X-Stringer is the best tennis stringing machine around currently. All the candidates on our top five list, however, are worth your consideration.

The five best tennis stringing machines include.

The Best Tennis Stringing Machine

Gamma (X-2) X-Stringer

Best Overall Tennis Stringing Machine

Gamma (X-2) X-Stringer
Dimensions: 35.8 x 12.4 x 9.8 inchesWeight: 20 poundsClamps: Two composite floating clampsType: Drop weight tensioningMounting System: Two-point

The Gamma X-Stringer offers several features to help you attain the perfect tension on your racquet. Its price and versatility demanded the top spot on our list as the best overall tennis stringing machine. A set of floating composite clamps and a two-point mounting system allows you to position your racquet firmly before you begin the stringing process. The design of this device allows you full control over the string tension as the drop weight tensioning machine has a range of nine to 90 pounds. You’re even provided with a 360-degree turntable to help ease the entire process. Gamma has opted for an aluminum extrusion base to reinforce durability and a diamond-coated rotational ratchet gripper ably supports it. This feature allows you to attain a firm grip during the entire process. The unique self-locking adjustment knob helps you customize the pressure applied while stringing. A large set of tools help you perform the task. These include a pathfinder awl, hex wrenches, straight pliers, a cutter ax, and a straight awl.


  • Diamond-coated, rotational ratchet gripper.
  • Aluminum base with built-in tool tray.
  • Straightforward set-up.
  • Compact design and portable.
  • Accurate tension.
  • Tool set included.


  • Instruction manual lacks “how to string” information.

Klippermate Tennis Stringing Machine

Runner-up in Best Overall Tennis Stringing Machine

Klippermate Tennis Stringing Machine
Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 12 inchesWeight: 20 poundsClamps: String clamps (steel)Type: Drop weight tensioning systemMounting System: Two-point mounting system

The Klippermate Tennis Stringing Machine is a pre-assembled unit, so you’re good to begin stringing with it as soon as it arrives. It also includes a complete tool kit to help you with the process, plus a free string and grip package. If you’re new to tennis stringing, this unit could appeal. Klippermate provides you with a comprehensive manual to help you thoroughly understand the do’s and don’ts of the process. If you still require assistance, the manufacturer offers free technical support to help you with any questions you may have. A drop weight tensioning system allows for impressive accuracy and control. The calibration of this machine is set within the industry standard of plus or minus one pound. While most machines use a clutch or a ratchet pulling system, the Klippermate Tennis Stringing Machine utilizes an ingenious cam string gripper system. They claim that this state-of-the-art method allows you to wrap up the entire stringing process in around 30 minutes. The string clamps are made of steel and come with a lifetime warranty on account of its incredible strength and durability. You can also use the two-point mounting system to string racquets of most sizes. To increase durability, Klippermate utilizes a steel base instead of the standard aluminum or plastic alternative. This eliminates the need for bolts or clamps, allowing you to perform the stringing process at any point you choose.


  • User-friendly clamps.
  • Suitable for tennis stringing newcomers.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Includes all necessary tools.
  • Comprehensive manual.


  • Cannot be used for racquetball racquets.

Gamma Progression (II 602) Stringing Machine

Best Value Mid-Range Tennis Stringing Machine

Gamma Progression (II 602) Stringing Machine
Dimensions: 33 x 16.5 x 12.6 inchesWeight:  24.1 pounds (shipping weight)Clamps: Two composite floating string clampsType: Drop weight tensioning systemMounting System: Six-point

For some, the best tennis stringing machine may feel like a pricey investment and the hefty price tag can put off amateur players. Yet, the Gamma Progression (II 602) offers some noteworthy features, and may well be the best tennis stringing machine for the money. With a drop weight tensioning of eight to 90 pounds and a 360-degree steel bar turntable, this machine should allow you to attain the perfect string tension on your racquet. It utilizes a six-point mounting system, allowing your equipment to remain stable while applying pressure evenly. This secure fixing also helps you execute the stringing in a fuss-free manner. This product can be applied to a wide range of other sporting goods such as squash, badminton and racquetball racquets. To help you kickstart your stringing action, the manufacturer includes a complete set of tools. This consists of a pathfinder awl, hex wrench, diagonal cutter, straight awl, and pliers.


  • Compatible with multiple sports.
  • Reliable racquet stability.
  • Free tools and tool tray.
  • Nickel chrome plated steel bar turntable.


  • Cannot be used on cross strings.

Tourna (300-CS) Crank Stringing Machine

Best Mid-Range Tennis Stringing Machine

Tourna (300-CS) Crank Stringing Machine
Dimensions: 35.43 x 20.86 x 14.17 inchesWeight:  68.3 poundsClamps: Double-action fixed clampsType: Self-levelling mounting systemMounting System: Six-point

Mid-range stringers are ideal for intermediate-level players who have already invested a few years into the game and have a solid knowledge about their racquet. The 300-CS is a quality offering in this segment and it takes a valuable spot as the best mid-range tennis stringing machine on our list. The machine is comfortable to use with a reliable and durable design, which uses a system that mounts the racquet at six-points. It’s also self-leveling, relying on a single adjustable knob for quick set up. This allows you to quickly and efficiently begin your stringing process. It has a spring-loaded crank lock-out tensioner that offers immense accuracy in adjusting the tension on your strings. The turntable rotates a full 360-degrees, which also comes with a brake to help aid your endeavor. You can use this machine on a wide set of strings, thanks to the fixed clamps. The quick lock cam fittings greatly assist the overall process. You can even adjust the height of the entire device thanks to its sturdy stand. A wide range of tools is included with this product, a straight awl, a plier, a wrench, and a hex wrench set. This stringer is suitable for numerous other racquets such as squash and racquetball. You can even use this on badminton racquets by purchasing a set of adapters from Tourna.


  • Spring-loaded crank lock-out tensioner.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • Includes a tool kit.
  • Compatible with other sports.


  • Incompatible with cross strings.

Wilson Baiardo Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

Best High-End Tennis Stringing Machine

Wilson Baiardo Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine
Dimensions: 41 x 41 inches (min extension); 52 x 41 inches (max extension)Weight:  124 poundsClamps: Diamond dusted starter clampType: ElectronicMounting System: Wilson’s B.E.S.T system

The last product on our list is likely to be best suited for those who possess a thorough expertise in tennis. Wilson’s B.E.S.T system (Biomechanically Engineered Stringing System), offers remarkable control over the stringing process. This system automatically adjusts the configuration of the machine at three distinct points during stringing. The first adjustment occurs when mounting the frame, the second during the stringing of the mains, and the third when stringing the crosses. The machine also automatically adjusts the height and tilt to help you comfortably execute the process. This machine is heavy, weighing 124 pounds when fully assembled. It does also require a degree of maintenance. Wilson uses a modular design that allows you to easily remove and replace any of the parts when the need arises. This is also a highly customizable device that allows you to tweak various facets of operation, including mounting height, main string height, pull speed, cross string tension difference, pre-stretch, mounting, cross string and main string tilt.


  • Numerous customizable elements.
  • Modular design.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • L.E.D touch screen.


  • Not suitable for those wanting a portable machine.

The Best Tennis Stringing Machine: What to Look For

Tennis is a sport that is known to have a wide range of health benefits, which is why we see more tennis players than ever before hitting the courts. This also explains the massive role of technology in shaping the future of the sport, and one technological advancement involves the development of incredible stringing machines.

If you’re looking to pick up the best tennis stringing machine for you, these details could be worth paying attention to.

Type of Stringer

There are essentially three types of stringing machine in the market, each with their own set of pros and cons:

  • Drop weight stringing machine: These are easy to maintain and extremely durable. However, they are slower to operate, which could limit the number of racquets you can work on every week.
  • Crank stringing machine: This uses a more advanced mechanism to help string your racquet faster. It’s also extremely accurate and used in most mid-range to high-end devices.
  • Electronic stringing machine: This type uses a digital system to automatically and accurately execute the stringing process. These are used in high-end systems and are often only used by professional organizations.

Mounting System

The mounting system comes down to the number of contact points used to hold down your racquet while stringing. The more contact points, the greater the accuracy levels of the machine.

Most models tend to use either a two, four or six-point mounting system. A two and four-point system typically holds the frame of the racquet by the throat and head. This is a swift system, but the support can be weak, especially while using a larger racquet.

With a six-point mounting system, you have absolute stability while you execute the stringing process.


Before you purchase a tennis stringing machine, you need to ask yourself if you intend to move it regularly, or if it’s going to be a fixed installment in a single location. Tabletop models are easy to move, but may not be as efficient or as accurate as the standalone units, which are often confined to a single spot.


Clamps are used to hold the strings in place during the re-stringing process. Most devices usually come in two variants — fixed and floating.

When a device uses the floating system, the clamps are not attached to the machine directly. Instead, this system works by using one string to build the tension onto another string. Floating systems can be found in basic machines, but the accuracy of the string consistency on these devices tends to be low.

Fixed clamps, on the other hand, have the option to swivel or stay in place. The non-swiveling type can only glide on a bar system, yet the swiveling variant can rotate a full 360 degrees. These devices are far easier to use but are also more expensive.

Base and Support

It is important to look at devices that have a sound support system. Unless your device has a sturdy base, the chances are that the racquet could snap as you try to string it. The entire process relies on applying pressure on the frame of your racquet to gain the right amount of tension, and this could go terribly wrong if you don’t have a sturdy base.

Nearly all the devices featured on our list have a metal or diamond-dusted base for maximum stability.


Based on the average price of a good quality tennis stringing machine, it’s safe to say that purchasing one counts as a long-term investment. If you do pick one up, you are committing yourself to the game you love and this can yield a lot of benefits in the long run.

The stringing process allows you to understand the intricacies of your racquet better and this translates into a better performance come game time.

The Gamma X-Stringer is our top choice for the best tennis stringing machine. It’s a well-rounded product that can be useful for players of all experience levels. Its composite floating clamps and two-point mounting system allows you to quickly and easily string your racquets.